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Oct. 5th, 2008

Most awesome things my son has done today...

1. Pulled the socks off his feet and turned them into puppets.   "Hello, Caleb.  My name is Sock! Can I bite your toes, please?"  I was so proud!

2. Covered his belly in stickers.  Panda stickers, stamps, address labels, Thomas stickers with googley eyes-the works. 

3.  Read a book to me-The Little Red Hen. 

4.  Told me my broccoli soup was "Chewlicious"

5. Took a 3 hour nap and let me read!  That was glorious.

6. While looking for buggie buggies, he saw a lady bug and asked  "Hey you. Youwannafight?"  And though I 'm not sure he really gets the point of the Eric Carle book,  we'll keep reading.  And even though people might look strangely at us when we talk about violence, we'll keep reading because eventually, he'll get that it's not about throwing punches. 

Honestly, what kids is more exciting?  Super immagination, great memorization and maybe this whole PDD thing isn't so bad. 
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Oct. 3rd, 2008

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Because my last attempt at keeping my trite little mind entertained resulted in a headache and new fun equations for finding the moon, I decided to write a paper about Transubstantiation.

Appology for the tangent, but....  Astronomy...umm...how you say...sucked. Due mostly to the preconcieved idea that I'd learn a lot of the history of the stars and how humanity evolved through them, while the class was actually just another math disguised as mystery.  Now I think of it, perhaps I ought to use my time to find some Mystery Science Theatre and be entertained in the process...hmmm, good idea for future dry spells. 

So I've read Augustine and Aquinas on the subject and was pleased-now off to Ignatius and Zwingly.  I'm wondering iff I'll be able to dissagree with all four, and still make a plausable argument that we've got it all wrong because we are missing something...and I can't help but think that we are missing something.  We are always missing something, though these explanations seem seriously lacking in the ability to make it click.

If Paul got it, (and let's face it, what didn't he get) and got it enough to write about it without 45 pages and big words that make sense to only those who make a point to make them make sense, isn't it possible that we are making it more difficult than necessary?  And maybe there's a point that is being left out through oversimplifying and saying "it's just metyousos". 

**Tangent** I know I just spelled Metyousos wrong and that my Greek is absolute rubish after not using it for...4 years.  Even that Greek was just elementary NT so I need a serious refresher, maybe even a re-do of the course because its baaaaad.

So here I am...collecting some answers from real people who take part in the ritual and those who do it only when necessary because it's such an intimidating moment and those who do it every week because they need the connection and trying to find out what Christ meant for us and what did Paul mean after him and what does the church mean now?  Fun fun fun!!!!!

May. 2nd, 2008

Voldemorts Downfall Day

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Jan. 26th, 2008

Pro Choice, Pro Life, somewhere in the middle...?

Mike Huckabee----- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cristina-page/what-the-huck_b_82630.html

Well, If  you read it thats all you need to know really.  This isn't about how much I love or hate Mike or what he says. But what he said really made me think about what I believe or want to believe about the "Choice" issue.  

We like to pretend it's a very black and white issue, especially in Christianity and Feminism.  Unfortunately it's not black or white or even gray.  The issue of choice has so many colors my art teachers would be amazed if we tried to classify every stance.  

We attach Pro Choice to feminism because the goal of the movement was to give women choices.  Do you want to be educated? Do you want to work?  Do you want to enjoy an orgasm?  Do you want to wear a bra or pants?  Now those choices seem so simple and we take a lot of them for granted.  The issue of choice in child birth is loaded now because if you want children or want to raise them without the help of a nany or daycare, you've seemingly abandoned your choices.  

For me, and many like me, Pro choice means taking all your options and making a choice.  Rising University Star-3.9 gpa feminist theologian gets knocked up.  Tragic headline.  I had two choices-take responsibility for what I'd done by  not taking my pill correctly OR "take care'" of the situation by pretending like it had never happened.  I opted for carrying through the pregnancy and having Caleb.  I don't know how many people have also done this, but I definately know of two others who have made children a bigger part of their lives than their career.  Im proud of the decision, sure.  Do I fault anyone who took the other decision, no. It's not easy to do what I did and it's not easy to know that you are preventing a life.  The point is, we all had the choice and that's thanks to the feminist movement. 

We have other choices too.  We have the choice to use birth control.  We have the choice to prevent making the choice of baby's life or my life.  Sometimes though, our choices are irresponsible and selfish.  What about the people who take advantage of choices.  I doubt our leaders in the early 20th century wanted us to abuse our rights by using abortion as a form of birth control.  Should these people be stripped of choices?  

Sterilization was a big issue for a few states recently.   http://againsttheirwill.journalnow.com/
Is this really a bad option when we consider the abuse of choice? What if after a womans third convenience based abortion we sterilize her?  Hasn't  she been wreckless with her rights as a feminist?  

Ideas I've been playing with.  Maybe we shouldn't have all the choices we have all the time. 

Jan. 24th, 2008

Exploring Phillip Pullmans theology

Pullman has publicly said "my books are about killing God" -I've read the books and he's not lying.  He's not making it up to piss of Christians or to pull in a wider fan base-Pullman actually kills the " Authority" in his books.   The more I think on it though, I wonder if he meant something bigger than what might be seen.  

He pulls a lot of his story from the Garden of Eden narrative in Genesis.  I'm a big fan of everything in that story.  I see so many different ideas pulling from those three chapters.  One of the main themes he emphasizes is something I've been playing with for a year or so.  The serpent offers knowledge and Eve takes it.  This is both powerful and beautiful in equal parts.  We can almost see two thought bubbles on either side of our mothers head.  One says "You can have happiness for ever and ever and ever with no complications"  the other says "Life is going to be painful and challenging-but you will be aware of every moment of every stubbed toe, every dissapointment, hunger pang, each first kiss, deep stare into your childs eyes, and the excitement of learning something new"

As excited as I was to read it and see someone elses thoughts mirroring my own, I felt these ideas needed to be pulled out and ripped apart.

What I've really been thinking about the last few days is Pullmans Authority.  Lyra's father wanted to kill him-the Magesterium wanted to define him but Lyra and Will and Roger...what did they want with him?  There are a couple words floating around my head about love, a picture of a face before death, Metatron/Enoch falling with Mrs. Coulter and Asriel and Dust.  The dead people turned back into Dust just like the Authority.